I wanted to thank these people in order they appeared in my artistic life:

- with lot of affection, Véronique Loyer, ceramist "Les pots de Véro" and in the past teacher in the Thorigné-Fouillard and Noyal-sur-Vilaine (Brittany - France) ceramist workshops. She taught to me the technical bases of my art;

Stéphane Goarnisson, friend and animal sculptor. His workshop is in Chavaigné (Brittany - France). He inspired me and gave me the desite to start;

- the Atelier Artistique de Thorigné-Fouillard, who permited to me to learn in a wonderfull and friendly workshop and cooked my first pieces;

Clotilde Cousin, human being sculptor, in the past teacher in the Atelier du Thabor of Rennes (Brittany - France). Her workshop is in Saint-Michel-sur-Glomel;

- Kere Dali, stone sculptor - not only, with whom I created the sculptor course in the workshop of Thorigné-Fouillard. He taughed me the forms and textures. He taught me to watch the world and permitted to me to find my own style. He knows a lot about technics and guided to me to try some of them.

To all, THANKS.